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ROC SF Blog Q4 2017 10 SM

Exploring the Q4 2017 SuccessFactors Update B1711 (PART 10)

In the tenth and final part of our series of blog posts reviewing the Q4 2017 SuccessFactors release, Stephen Burr, UK HCM Cloud Practice Manager, ROC summarises some of the themes we’ve seen and where SuccessFactors will be heading in 2018.

Read the full printable article here.

If you’ve missed any of the series, here’s a list of where to find them:

1. Employee Central.

2. EC Integration and EC Service Centre.

3. Cloud Platform Technology (including APIs).

4. Report Centre, Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning.

5. Compensation & Variable Pay and Learning.

6. Recruiting Management & Marketing.

7. Performance & Goals Management and Calibration.

8. Succession & Development and Onboarding.

9. SAP Jam and Mobile.

10. Release Summary and Review (this post).

We'll be back in February 2018 reporting on the changes to the Q1 2018 SuccessFactors release. Till then we wish you a very Happy Christmas!

Don’t forget that preview instances of SuccessFactors were updated on 3rd November 2017 and the production instances were updated on 2nd December 2017.