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ROC SF Blog Q4 2017 9 SM

Exploring the Q4 2017 SuccessFactors Update B1711 (PART 9)

In the ninth post in our series reviewing the updates in the Q4 2017 SuccessFactors release, Michal Brodzik, Consultant, ROC examines the latest updates in the social collaboration module of SuccessFactors, while Stephanie Perks, Consultant, ROC is with us once more to take a look at the latest updates in the SuccessFactors mobile applications.

SAP JAM introduces many enhancements concerning modern intranet and content management, while Mobile brings great advancements for both Android and iOS users in both activation and usability.

Read the full printable article here.

Don’t forget that preview instances of SuccessFactors were updated on 3rd November 2017 and the production instances were updated on 2nd December 2017.