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Human Capital: Because You’re (your people) Are Worth It

Sunny Patel, HCM Cloud Practice Lead EMEA, ROC, talks about why ‘humans’ are an organisation’s #1 priority and why the ‘management’ (Human Capital Management) has a rightful place in the Cloud.

What is more important for an organisation than its people?  Many would argue against this, saying that customers are and should be the number one priority. True, without someone to procure your services or products then you indeed have no business, so yes happy customers are critical. But without human talent you have no foundation – and little competitive advantage. With good people this foundation is the making of a successful business.  Customers are attracted by great customer service.  People ‘buy’ from people. And customers return typically because they have been given a sense that they are ‘wanted’ and are ‘important’ and that they have been delivered a great experience – often all made happen by humans.

This is a very public platform for Sir Richard Branson: “I’ve always believed that if you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business. So it is worrying to learn that 87% of employees are disengaged. What’s more, this hurts the bottom line.”  

And it is no great surprise that as the digital economy rolls on, cloud-based technology is playing a more critical role in the management of organisations’ people – their human capital - whether that is for acquiring new employees, managing employees or optimising employee productivity, and importantly measuring the value of employees to the organisation – something that has been difficult in the past.  The ability to bring core HR, talent management and employee engagement platforms together and run them 100% as software applications, 100% in the cloud can bring enormous value to IT, to HR and to the business.

But moving applications that have long sat on premise to the cloud often brings fear of uncertainty, of risk, or even of placating stakeholders. That is why I genuinely believe bringing HCM to the cloud can be done in steps and each step can bring tangible value to the business.


Taking First Steps to Digital HCM

My tips on how you can take these steps include:

  • Consider the value you can bring to your organisation.
  • Consider an application that can drive high user adoption.
  • Take advantage of streamlining your applications and processes.

Cloud is the future and it is the future for managing and maximising the value of people. But you can take this journey at your pace and realise benefits at each step – you don’t have to wait! So my advice is: don’t.

Download our white paper:The Path to Digital Human Capital Management (HCM): How? Why? & When? to find out what the most common hurdles organizations face as they move their HCM to the cloud and advice on how to overcome these situations in order to move further on the journey to digital HCM.

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