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The Path to Digital Human Capital Management - Innovation in the 21st Century Workplace

In a series of chats with Les Hayman (@LesHayman), who has served as ROC’s Chairman since 2006, we asked him to share his views on what innovation is and its contribution to the workplace. 

Having served as Chairman and CEO for SAP in EMEA and Asia-Pacific among other notable appointments during his career, Les was also responsible for SAP’s Human Resources globally before semi retiring, so a considered authority on the connection of ‘business and people’.  As noted in his own blog: “I cover what I see as being issues that face companies and managers in today’s turbulent times, issues that generally affect people and their lives".

At ROC we believe that digital Human Capital Management (HCM) is the simplest way an organisation can harness the power of its people: bringing core HR, talent management and employee engagement platforms together. And it is this coming together of cloud technology and people that can create productive, innovative and exciting workplaces.

But the critical component is the ‘people’ themselves.  Hear Les talk about why innovation isn’t driven by people who support the status quo but by those who question everything.

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