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NEW White Paper: The Path to Digital Human Capital Management (HCM): How? Why? & When?

There is consensus that the cloud is both the here and now and future of business technology and services delivery. Organisations across all sectors are reshaping, rethinking and transforming their operations as they face a digital age, competitors emerging from nowhere and threatening age-old practices, and next generational workforces redefining work practices.

Yet perceived risks and fears, pundits evangelising outdated thinking combined with implementation horror stories still prevent many organisations taking the first step to the cloud. Human Capital Management (HCM) - with a growth rate that continues to outpace other application markets - is the perfect application for this transition to a digital world, and can be the perfect test-case for cloud success.

Digital HCM is the simplest way an organisation can harness the power of its people: bringing core HR, talent management and employee engagement platforms together and running them 100% as software applications, 100% in the cloud.

Yet despite the macro digital transformation trends impacting every size and age of business, and the unequivocal specific sector benefits digital HCM delivers, many HR departments have yet to embrace this transformation.

“In fact, while seven in 10 organisations recognize they need to make the move to bring their HCM to the cloud or get left behind, only one in 10 has done it successfully”

Download our white paper: The Path to Digital Human Capital Management (HCM): How? Why? & When? to find out what the most common hurdles organisations face as they move their HCM to the cloud and advice on how to overcome these situations in order to move further on the journey to digital HCM.

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