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People: Remove the dross from work and they’ll want to climb Mount Everest!

In the third and final ‘video moment’ in a series of chats with Les Hayman (@LesHayman), ROC’s Chairman, we asked him to share his views on how an organisation can harness the power of its people through technology.

As a global pundit on ‘business and people’, having served as Chairman and CEO for SAP in EMEA and Asia Pac as well the head of SAP’s Human Resources globally during many of his notable appointments, Les talks about how organisations now need to manage different generations in the workplace.

“For the first time ever, there are four generations at play in the business world. The baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and the millennials.” And it is managing these different generations and these changing expectations that is critical to business and human success. “Technology is the only thing that gives you that base of capability of being able to manage these different expectations,” says Les.

In his video Les talks about the younger generations who seek exciting jobs for two years and then want to climb Mount Everest. Organisations need to be able to manage these expectations.

“The role of HR is to make sure that people have the skills and capability to do their joband that managers do their job to manage the organisation. Until you remove the dross HR has to work on, and this is where technology really has a role to play, you won’t free up HR to provide the valuable role it should.”

ROC, an experienced global consultancy, believes that people are at the heart of competitive advantage and business success. Digital HCM – the bringing together of core HR, talent management and employee engagement platforms in the cloud - enables management to measure the value of human capital, something that has been difficult in the past. Moreover, it empowers staff to measure and make visible their own value to the organisation. This, together with its functionality and intuitive interface, is why digital HCM achieves adoption levels where the platforms of the past have failed, positively supporting recruitment and retention.

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