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Reporting as a Service (RaaS™)

If you want to run your organisation more effectively you need to understand it and the basis on which to do this is through measurement and review. Since organisation's most valuable assets are typically taken to be its employees this means that HCM reporting is a critical part of running your business effectively. RaaS™ (Reporting as a Service) is the ideal product to support you in doing just that.

RaaS™ is a fast to deploy, simple to use and highly secure HCM reporting product based in the cloud. It has years of HCM and business intelligence incorporated into its design meaning that as well as not requiring any expensive hardware investment, it also has a huge range of HCM reporting functionality available immediately as well as scope to be configured to meet your organisation's particular needs.

If you would like to find out more about RaaS™ or to get a free test drive, please visit our dedicated RaaS™ site.