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Global Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a critical aspect in any strategy around attracting and retaining talent and having the right solution in place to help you manage it is an integral part of the success of that strategy. This becomes even more critical and complex when you start to look at benefits on a global scale.

How A Benefits Management Solution Can Help

Given that employee benefits strategies has such a far reaching impact on the greatest resource an organisation has, it is worth taking some time to better understand the four areas in which a benefits management and employee engagement tool can help your organisation.

1) Increase Employee Engagement

To increase employee engagement you need a solution that will not only provide easy access to the benefits an employee can select from but also one that helps to inform the employee about what their selections will mean in terms of not only what they receive, but what the cost will be and what the overall value is.

Showing employees the real value of their benefits and ensuring everything is clearly communicated is the cornerstone to employee engagement.

2) Automation of Administrative Tasks

Managing benefits can be a complicated set of processes. That can range for onboarding and offboarding employees into benefits through to providing detailed information for finance/payroll and external providers. These processes can be automated through features such as guided self service access for employees and automated data feeds that allow for tight integration with partner systems. The result is that this can significantly reduce the amount of time taken to manage the processes as well as reducing the number of errors that may be introduced. Where automation can be applied this also makes it easier to scale to even a highly dynamic organisation's requirement.

3) Support Risk Management

HR and payroll data are some of the most sensitive personal data a business can hold and so securing that data is an essential consideration for any solution. By consolidating the benefits data to a single source and applying suitably strict access controls the risk of unauthorised access can be reduced and more easily monitored and audited. The source must of course also be resilient and recoverable to ensure that data integrity and access is maintainable. Automation also helps reduce data corruption risks by eliminating many of the opportunities for manually entering inaccurate data.

4) Application of Cost Control

Getting the best return on investment is a key goal for any business activity. By identifying areas or interest and disinterest you can gain a deeper insight into the benefits claimed by your employees. This offers greater potential to consolidate benefits and re-broker rates for key benefits and as a result a greater level of cost control.

Will You Benefit From Better Benefits Management and Employee Engagement?

To learn more about global benefits management and employee engagement or about the solutions ROC employs, why not contact us and speak to one of our specialist consultants?