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Planning & Analytics

How can I find the relevant information at the right time, presented in a format I can interpret to make the right business decisions?

Enormous amounts of time and money are spent implementing transactional systems to support companies HR and HCM processes. While these systems support the automation of key procedures, they fail to provide HR with information to support proactive decision-making.

  • Experts at ROC have created the ROC Executive Dashboard which is designed to provide a quick start, executive-focused solution. Delivering rapid business value, the Executive Dashboard also provides the platform for additional tailored solutions.
  • Alternately ROC's Reporting as a Service solution may be just what you need to get a complete state of the art reporting suite into the hands of key staff in record time.
  • Seasonal employment, shift working and absenteeism are also key variables that can cause HR problems when it comes to scheduling workforces.  ROC can help take the pain out of this process with a Workforce Management solution.

In-depth knowledge of HR related business and information needs is key to ROC’s ability to help our customers. ROC specialists have a deep technical knowledge of the underlying SAP platform. They know how and where to extract the correct data and how to interpret it into meaningful information.

Whatever your business need, our team of HCM Analytics consultants have both the domain and technical expertise to help you find and implement the most appropriate solution.

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