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Talent Management

We have some great people working for us but how can we better prepare ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow?

The truth is that most organisations have some great people working for them. The challenge is how these people are motivated, rewarded and developed so that the future demands on the organisation can be met. Add to that, the constant need to bring in new talent and leaders while ensuring that any unexpected departures do not damage business as usual, and it becomes quickly apparent that an integrated approach to Talent Management is key to meeting these requirements.

For customers using SAP, an integrated Talent Management strategy is just one step away. ROC’s approach to Talent Management is unique as we take an integrated and holistic view of the challenges your organisation may be facing. With our experience, accelerators and enhancements, our Talent Management specialists will guide you through exactly what is needed to make a tangible difference to the future of your organisation.

ROC is a leading implementation partner for SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa solution. We are able to implement this state of the art solution at minimal cost and to tight time scales.

ROC is an an approved SuccessFactors Sales partner (and customer) and our certified specialist consultants can assist with your SuccessFactors deployment for whatever industry, locations or scale you might be operating to.

Whether you are looking to improve the retention of key employees, increase employee loyalty, boost productivity or attract better candidates, ROC can help you.

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