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Visualization Solutions by Nakisa


"A picture paints a thousand words" is the reason why Visualization Solutions by Nakisa (VSN) have evolved to become integral to SAP's HCM solution. The product, consisting of two solution extensions, is co-developed with SAP, ensuring did it is aligned and embedded into the SAP roadmap.

Nakisa have been a partner of SAP since 2002 with their products becoming a solution extension of SAP in 2007. Their latest version (4.3) was released in January 2015 after gaining Premium Qualification from SAP; This means it has been validated against SAP's parameters of security, accessibility, performance and documentation. Visualization Solutions by Nakisa span two functional areas of SAP; Organisational Management and Talent Management.

Org Visualization by Nakisa

Within Organizational Management , the solution is SAP Org Visualization by Nakisa (SOVN) and consists of the following four products:

Keystone product for your visualising to organizational structure.

Visualise and plan for to organizational change and transformation.

OrgAudit (formerly Data Quality Console)
Identify and take action on HCM data inconsistencies.

Team Manager
Define, plan and manage position-employee assignments.

Talent Visualization by Nakisa

Within Talent Management, the solution is SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN) and consists of the following three products:

TalentHub for HR & Executives (formerly SuccessionPlanning and TalentFramework )
Visualise your talent framework (SAP "Job Architecture") used to prepare skills & competencies for managing talent. Identify key positions and manage talents, identify and Their Successors development using a highly intuitive and visual interface.

TalentHub for Managers (formerly SuccessionPlanningManager)
The manager application offers the succession planning and development planning functionality found in TalentHub for HR & Executives and within the manager's area of responsibility.

TalentHub for Employees (formerly Career Planning)
Empower Employees to Actively shape Their careers and development.

Simply click on a product to read more and see a product demo. All products feature on accessibility mode for use with screen readers: JAWS and examined as Window-Eyes.

If you are already in existing user of VSN applications but are looking to upgrade, then we can utilise our experience to transition smoothly in between versions. You can read more about our upgrade service here.

As solution extensions of SAP, the products are licensed and maintained by SAP. ROC is both a services partner of SAP and global services partner of Nakisa having implemented Nakisa's products since 2006 for companies from a few thousand to ~180,000 employees (one of our clients what the first to go live on SOVN 3.0). Our experience is capitalised on throughout each phase of the implementation through the use of project accelerators.

Why not read about our org visualization experience with Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council or the BBC? Or our talent visualization experience with a global company?

Alternatively, watch how Euro Disney uses Nakisa's visualization tools in this video.

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